What travel plug for turkey?

There are two associated plug types for Turkey, types C and F. Plug type C is the plug that has two round pins, and plug type F is the plug that has two round pins with two ground terminals on the side. Turkey operates on a supply voltage of 230 V and 50 Hz. Turkey operates from a supply voltage of 220 V and 50 Hz.

In Turkey, the type C and type F sockets used are. Use the photo below to identify the correct plug and outlet. You need to pack a type F plug adapter for Turkey if the plug you want to use doesn’t fit into a Turkish outlet. Turkey has standardized on type F sockets and plugs.


C and Type E plugs can also be used due to their compatibility with type F sockets. A good and solid adapter with ground connection; due to its construction, it has a good firm grip; on the negative side, two blade plugs are usually 110V, but the two rounded terminals are usually 220V. So check your device to make sure it can handle the correct voltage when using this adapter. Power cuts were commonplace and part of life in Turkey over a decade ago. If they do occur, they are likely planned outages for maintenance and improvement purposes that will only be down for a few hours. Look in the travel accessories section of airport newsagents, electronics stores, and pharmacists like Hudson News or Brookstone, but expect to pay more than regular prices.

Traveling to Turkey can be very exciting and you probably really want to go there and soak up the sun. Unlike other travel chargers, this means you can charge more than one device at a time without having to pack multiple travel chargers. Since most people travel with multiple devices, consider a power strip or power bar so that you can plug it into your adapter and charge everything at once. The best power adapter for Turkey is a type F power supply that allows you to use any 230 volt device or device.

In practice, this makes little difference, as most travel devices operate at both frequencies. A USB travel charger is a dual volt charger with interchangeable plugs and multiple USB ports that is suitable for charging multiple USB-powered devices when traveling abroad. These devices include most laptops and phones, most recently manufactured chargers, and many small electrical devices, especially those designed for world travel. If you are traveling from America, you must bring a power adapter for Turkey, as an American plug will not physically fit into a Turkish outlet. As the voltage is much higher, you must also use a current transformer for Turkey if your charger or device doesn’t have dual voltage to prevent overheating or damage.

This usually involves using a travel adapter that allows you to simply plug any US electrical appliance into a foreign outlet. If your American device or charger doesn’t support dual voltage, consider using a power converter for Turkey that can lower the voltage from 230 volts to 120 volts. If you’re packing for a vacation in Turkey, it’s helpful to know in advance if you can use any equipment there. A power converter allows travelers to use a 100-120 volt electrical appliance with a Turkish 230 volt outlet.

Because of their space-saving versatility, these types of travel adapters can be used at home, so when you’re not on vacation, they can sit overnight and charge multiple phones and tablets with just a single outlet.