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Shine Lawyers` class action team launched the NXL class action lawsuit after it reported reports of alleged misconduct related to the software company`s IPO and downgraded its financial guidance in the following months. « Our class action lawsuit seeks to compensate for these losses for the thousands of investors affected by Nuix Limited`s alleged misconduct, » Allsop said. If you have any questions or need assistance registering for this class action, please contact our Nuix shareholder class action team at [email protected] or 1800-325-172. Allsopp told iTnews that Macquarie Group is not currently named as a defendant in the class action lawsuit. These disputes have weighed on the company`s performance. In the half, the bills cost the company $9.1 million and forced it to suffer a loss of $2.3 million. Due to the nature of class actions, the first phase of the proceeding can take anywhere from twelve months to three years or more from the time they are filed. Law firms Phi Finney McDonald and Shine Lawyers filed the two additional class action lawsuits in November 2021. On August 23, 2022, the Supreme Court of Victoria ordered the consolidation of the class actions filed by Phi Finney McDonald and Shine Lawyers and the permanent stay of the class action lawsuit filed by Banton Group. Problems for eDiscovery and digital forensics provider Nuix persist.

According to Australian media, a class action lawsuit was filed in Victoria`s Supreme Court on November 19, alleging that the legal technology company made false statements and omitted information from its prospectus (IPO) and market disclosures. The class action lawsuit was filed by Shine Lawyers on behalf of shareholders in the Supreme Court of Victoria, alleging Nuix gave investors « inadequate revenue policies, misleading revenue forecasts and violations of the company`s ongoing disclosure requirements, » Shine said in a statement. Less than a week after Shine Lawyers filed its class action lawsuit against the software vendor, the second case is filed by law firm Phi Finney McDonald on behalf of Daniel Joseph Batchelor and was filed in Victorian Supreme Court on Nov. 23. In addition to the case filed by Phi Finney McDonald, two other law firms have filed class action lawsuits against Nuix for the same or similar reasons: The Supreme Court also accepted Phi Finney McDonald and Shine Lawyers` proposal that the firms continue to cooperate in the conduct of the consolidated class action lawsuit. To this end, Shine Lawyers will be the counsel on file and Phi Finney McDonald will be assigned to work on the case under an agency agreement. The court found that this was an easier deal than filing the two companies as joint attorneys. It won`t cost you anything to join the class action.

Class Members will not be liable for legal fees if the class action fails. Nuix alleges that no contact was served or received from the plaintiff or his attorneys in connection with the second class action lawsuit without any damages being sought at that time. « A case is currently pending before the Supreme Court to attempt to resolve the competing and overlapping claims in the two class actions that were previously served. » Because of the size of each individual claim, the cost of bringing that action as an individual would quickly outweigh the potential recoverable damage. Because each Class Member`s claim raises many common factual and legal issues, conducting this class action reduces the average litigation costs for a client by addressing common issues once in court rather than multiple times. Nuix said it would refer the new class action lawsuit to the Supreme Court because it is now handling three overlapping cases. Shine Lawyers has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of shareholders who suffered losses as a result of the acquisition of Nuix Limited (NXL) shares. The complaint was filed on November 19 by Australian firm Shine Lawyers, reports Australian IT publication ARN. Craig Allsopp, Shine`s head of class actions, said the company had conducted an investigation into Nuix, saying that « the company`s prospectus and financial projections may have misrepresented or omitted potential financial information and risks, which was misleading and misleading to investors, » ARN reported. For more information, Class Members may contact or Shine Lawyers at Nuix is facing its second class action lawsuit alleging misleading statements or omissions related to its Initial Public Offering (IPO) prospectus.

Comes less than a week after Shine Lawyers filed its class action lawsuit. The Supreme Court also upheld Shine Lawyers and Phi Finney McDonald`s proposal that firms should continue to cooperate in the conduct of the consolidated class action lawsuit.