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In addition to doorbell monitoring, pet cameras have become increasingly popular in recent times and have resulted in countless funny videos. Beans the cat was not impressed that its owner had set up surveillance. Despite the increased potential to capture memories that can last a lifetime, many cameras can quickly transform wedding environments, and according to longtime photographer and founder of Wedding Day Timeline, Hooman Bahrani, not all guests want to be caught drinking and dancing. In the case of you/alt_account_ad, however, many Redditors have ignored their husband`s feelings. Instead, they supported the woman`s decision to banish her mother-in-law from her home and beat her husband for not jumping to her defense. Reddit user gigglebush88 posted the video of Beans` upset reaction when the cat sniffs the camera, looks at it intently, and even hits it with a paw. The poster, shared Saturday on the popular r/AmITheA**hole subreddit, asked: « AITA for banishing my mother-in-law from the house after finding out she had installed a camera in the bedroom? » Eventually, Redditor appeared to reach a breaking point when her mother-in-law allegedly « brought a plastic wig to see what [her] brown-haired daughter would look like. » And over the past two decades, the possibilities of wedding photos have expanded dramatically thanks to social media and mobile phone cameras continuing to improve in quality. This Redditor`s relationship with his mother-in-law seems to follow some of these familiar patterns of conflict. According to you/Exotic-Teaching2576, the problems started with something seemingly harmless: the naturally reddish color of her daughter`s hair. The poster said her mother-in-law had called her a few days earlier to curse her for not replacing the sheets quickly: « I had no idea how she found out since my husband hadn`t called her. My sister-in-law called me to tell me that his mother had installed a camera in the room to see if I was taking good care of her son.

The internet supported a woman who called her mother-in-law a « racist » for « smart » comments about her children and black people. One woman claimed online that she had recently banned her mother-in-law from returning home. Look at the moment when some young people try to get into the wrong house. Captured by the ring`s camera, the seemingly slightly worse couple confidently climb the stairs to the porch of a house. When the poster told her husband of six-year, she said he had « repainted » her and that her mother was « a product of her time. » In addition to comments saying that the groom just needs some sort of pick-me-up to gather for the rest of the reception, other comments seemed divided on whether the woman looked good for the camera or if she really enjoyed taking care of her new son-in-law. The latest doorbell camera clip that pleases the internet is about an unsuspecting mother-in-law. On August 13, user adejohnlea posted images on TikTok of the prank he did to his partner`s mother, including star jumps and a few pirouettes. As of 2021, the Amazon Ring camera has sold 1.7 million units worldwide, making it the most popular doorbell security camera.

A woman recently contacted Reddit for advice on a family dilemma involving her mother-in-law. The anonymous mother, known only as u/Exotic-Teaching2576, explained in her message that she hopes to prevent her husband`s mother from seeing her daughter – that is, unless she stops criticizing the one-year-old`s appearance. The user, who posts under the pseudonym throwraOP96657, explained: « My husband had a car accident almost a month ago. He was bedridden with a back injury and I was his primary caregiver. My mother-in-law`s pressure was too great, she kept telling me to take care of him and be there for him all the time. In the TikTok video, which has more than 800,000 views, a man named @potdylan can be seen leaving his mother`s house in footage taken with a home security camera and quickly sliding down a black carpet. After the argument, the woman said her husband then went to his mother`s house. For many consumers, protection is an important factor when buying a smart device. Home care company Hippo conducted a survey of 1,000 smart tech fans and found that 16% of them said they use their device for protection and security. About 17% used their device to monitor their home while away, with 31% owning a security camera and 16% owning a video doorbell. The relationship between a mother-in-law and her adult child`s partner, which is recorded in countless movies, TV shows, and books, is notoriously strained. As Susan Adcox explained to Verywell Family, the role can be « challenging » and « often tense. » The straw that broke the camel`s back came when her mother-in-law introduced her to her friends as her « black daughter-in-law. » Although her husband agrees that his mother`s behavior is irrelevant, he thinks it goes too far to banish her from the child`s life.

The situation has caught Redditors` attention, with the post garnering nearly 10,000 positive votes and 1,100 comments at the time of writing. « I made a video of my mom and kids at the wedding and posted it on my [Instagram], » OP wrote. « A few hours later, I get a call from my ex who screams that my camera catches him dancing drunk in the background. Many commentators supported the woman, believing that the mother-in-law had behaved racially. Of course, u/alt_account_ad is not the first to have problems in her relationship with her mother-in-law. In 2008, psychologist Terry Apter revealed that she had studied « hundreds of families » over 20 years and found that 60 percent of women « admitted that the relationship with their stepwife caused them long-term dissatisfaction and stress, » The Guardian reported. « TikTok has also influenced cameras at weddings, » Bahrani told Newsweek. « 7 or 10 years ago, it was common for couples to ask photographers to recreate images they found on Pinterest.

Although this is not their intended purpose, doorbell cameras provide a lot of laughter. From who steals your packages to capturing drunken people lost in your backyard, these tiny security cameras entertain and protect. An internet criticised a woman for secretly installing a camera in her son and daughter-in-law`s bedroom after posting a viral post on Reddit. The two argued until the woman finally threw her mother-in-law out of the house. Later, after receiving a barrage of angry text messages, the woman completely banished her mother-in-law from her home. « People are very aware of professional phones and cameras and their presence certainly influences the dynamics of weddings, » Bahrani told Newsweek. « It`s not uncommon for people to come up to me and let me know unequivocally that they don`t want to be photographed at all. » NTA [not hole A**, » u/Catatomical wrote. « MIL knew exactly what she was doing, and now she`s managing to drive a wedge between you and your husband. He should be 100% supported and his mother should apologize. Once the routine is over, adejohnlea moves to her own voice to say, « Thank you, goodbye. When she pulls a prank, the mother-in-law shouts « You f**** » into the camera. A mischievous couple decided to play a prank on their mother and mother-in-law with the surveillance camera.

Do you have any funny videos you`d like to share? Send them to and they may appear on our website. « That`s when I stood up and said. Either you cut that f*** or you go out. In response, the mother-in-law told Redditor that she should be « grateful to take care of [her] daughter so she doesn`t get bullied. » She went on to explain that last Christmas, her mother-in-law gave her a portable hand mirror without a box or label, a small pocket diffuser with a torn box, and a hand cream that appeared to be used. The woman gives a thumbs up at one point and even smiles at the camera. The laughter can be heard from the viewers` point of view, with a man present making jokes about the groom being fed. But some users disagreed with the woman`s reaction. One commentator said: « I don`t care. I am an adult and I can buy my own things. Moreover, she is your mother-in-law, not your mother. I wouldn`t expect her to be as generous or caring to me as her own children, especially if you don`t have a good relationship. It never indicates who recorded the 22-second video or where it was recorded.