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The points listed above are the most important things you should change after you get married, but even after all the paperwork, you will find that your maiden name still appears during your first year of marriage! Other places where I had to change my name are: gym membership, naturopath, doctor, masseur, etc. Name changes are also not limited to women in heterosexual marriages. Even men can change their names! In British Columbia, the Marriage Act allows you to use 1) your spouse`s surname or 2) the surname on your birth certificate after marriage. This allows you to legally sign documents like « Sarah Greene » even if your birth certificate says « Sarah Adams. » However, if someone asks, « Can I see ID? » and your entire ID says Sarah Adams. You should take your marriage certificate everywhere with you to prove that you were actually dating Mr. Greene are married. If you were born or married in British Columbia, your last name will change on your birth certificate and current marriage certificate if you legally change your last name. If you were born or married outside British Columbia but in Canada, contact your province of birth or marriage to find out how this affects your file. I called msp and they changed it in the computer and I was able to change things at ICBC immediately this week, strange that different people have different experiences.

Thanks for all the help, it`s so nice to have everything in one place! Now comes the fun part: change your name on social media! No requests, fees, long lines or paperwork are required. Just log into your favorite social media apps and have fun updating and using your new name! Once you`ve taken care of the big things, it should be relatively easy to change your name elsewhere. You`ll usually find that you always need to change your name somewhere when you receive an email addressed to your previous name. And it`s usually as simple as logging in and updating your name information. For each name change, you must apply for a new passport. You cannot use a passport renewal process for a name change, it must be a new adult general passport application form. You will need proof of Canadian citizenship (birth certificate or citizenship certificate), two pieces of identification to support your new name, two photos, including one of a guarantor, and the required fee. You will also need your marriage certificate (original or copy). I`m going through the name change process as I write this. MSP takes about 4 weeks, so make sure you send your paperwork by fax and not by mail. If you own a home in your name, you will need to change the land title and inform City Hall of taxes.

I couldn`t change my last name over the phone with the CRA, so I had to fax a letter and it takes another 4 weeks! If I had known it would be so painful, I would have just kept my last name. No way! You do not have to change your name to British Columbia or Canada after marriage. You can always use your first name. The cost of a legal name change includes a change of name certificate that lists the old and new names of everyone involved in the application. It does not contain a new birth or marriage certificate. To create a preferred alias to use in Gmail and the academic directory, sign in to the portal and select Address settings/aliases under General Services. Be sure to tell IT help desk that you want an alias for your email account and directory search. Once you`re done, you can use both your existing email and directory information, as well as your new email address and preferred name directory information. Before you change your last name, don`t forget to book your wedding official for your ceremony! Contact us to book your official today! Change the name of your child born in Canada.

May I ask you if you also need to apply for a legal name change with important statistics? Your child`s original Canadian birth certificate that shows the parents` names. To update your preferred display name and pronoun in Canvas, visit the Canvas Resources page maintained by the Center for Teaching Excellence. You change your child`s name, but the name you use now is different from the name on your child`s birth certificate. Once you have completed the legal name change process (4-6 weeks processing time), you will receive your name change certificate. You must update the CRA not only with your new name, but also with your change of marital status. You have until the end of the month following your change of status to notify the CRA (for example, if you got married in September, you must update the CRA before the end of October). Most Canadian banks require you to personally visit a branch with your marriage certificate or change of name certificate to change your last name on your account and cards. You may also need to fill out a form or identify yourself, for example: Your British Columbia Service Card or driver`s licence with your new name. Many couples choose to go on their honeymoon with their first name (with their current passport and booking everything under their first name) because they don`t want to risk not getting their new passport on time. Thanks for the useful information.

However, I would like to point out that with things like « his wife `his last name` » and « if you moved in with your husband, » you are making strong assumptions. Original British Columbia marriage certificate or photocopy, if the marriage certificate already contains the proposed exact name. The certificate must contain a registration number and must not be a marriage certificate, memorial certificate or certificate issued by a church. Many couples choose to use a new surname socially, but do not legally change their name. You can do this to avoid extra paperwork or to use a different name in different situations. For example, if you have published academic articles under your first name, you can choose to continue using your first name professionally (and legally), but use your married name socially. A photocopy of the marriage certificate is only required if it explains the use of a surname on a submitted document or appears on the application. To be eligible for a legal name change, applicants must: Although your marital status change can be updated online, your name change must be made by phone, mail or fax. If you do « Myownlastname », this blog will not apply to you. I don`t think Jamie is insinuating that keeping your maiden name is a bad thing. She tries to be helpful.

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