Can travel insurance be extended?

Most visitor insurance policies can be extended if you decide that you need to renew your policy for a longer insurance period. Renewing travel insurance is easy and can often be completed online in a few easy steps. A small renewal fee may apply in some cases. You can extend your travel insurance online if your trip is longer than expected.

This service is available to both Annual Multi-Trip Travel and Single Trip customers who want to add extra days to insurance. Please note that an extension can only be made before the end of the previous insurance period. Only people who are already insured can be insured during the extended period. If you are planning to travel longer than six months, you should consider purchasing a travel major medical plan, which differs from a traditional travel medical plan in that it acts more like regular health insurance.

You can make travel insurance changes before you travel as long as they fall within the scope of the insurance document. Borden says it’s important to update the details of your travel insurance policy to accurately reflect who’s traveling and when they’re traveling. It might be helpful to refer to this list of questions you may need to ask when discussing travel insurance options with a provider. Travelers should look at the insurance description of their respective policy to see if plans can be extended or renewed.

If your travel insurance covers Covid and you need to quarantine after testing positive, your plan may extend coverage for another five to ten days. A Forbes Advisor analysis of travel insurance costs found that travel insurance accounts for around 5 to 6% of your travel expenses. Please note that any illness or injury that occurred or showed symptoms or was diagnosed in previous travel periods will not fall within the extended travel period unless the extension was made before the illness or injury occurred or showed symptoms. While travel sick plans typically operate on a reimbursement model—meaning that you pay all emergency medical expenses out of pocket and are reimbursed by travel insurance upon submission of a successful application—Major Medical often works on a copayment scheme similar to the traditional health insurance, and may be associated with a deductible.

Once you’ve determined whether or not you need additional health insurance when you travel, you should consider several options to get that coverage. For travel health insurance, the tariffs do not increase during the extension just because you were entitled in the previous term. If travelers voluntarily want to extend their vacation beyond the originally scheduled return date, they may not be able to extend their coverage unless their policy is extendable. Find and compare comprehensive travel insurance to find the best coverage for your trip at the lowest price.

However, Allianz Travel Insurance’s OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan offers post-departure benefits for more spontaneous travelers who don’t have many pre-paid, non-refundable activities planned and may want the freedom to stay longer at their destinations, says Daniel Durazo, spokesperson with Allianz. For this reason, most people who would choose not to cover their weekend getaways or even a five to seven day trip would consider travel insurance more seriously for trips lasting two weeks, two months, or even longer. Travelers should note, however, that some plans require a minimum initial purchase period and may also have a maximum amount of time for which coverage can be purchased.