Arizona Law on False Reporting

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Mr. Lopez is an experienced defense attorney who has represented people across Arizona who are accused of false reports. If you are accused of false reports, it is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible so that they can begin investigating your case and building an effective defense. Talk to a lawyer in our firm by calling our offices at 602-980-1987 or using our email contact form. C. False reporting is a Class 1 offence, except that a second or subsequent offence is a Class 6 offence. First, anyone accused of misrepresentation will want to see if all three elements of the indictment are present. Did the person know that what they were saying was wrong? Did the person make a false statement to mislead the police officer? A person who knowingly and intentionally makes a false report about child abuse or neglect, knowing that the report is false, or a person who forces another person to make a false report about child abuse or neglect, knowing that the report is false, is guilty of a Class 1 offence. There are other reasons why a person could be charged with this crime. In many cases, an officer can make this charge to someone if they get upset during questioning.

An example is that if a person is being cared for for DUI and claims to have drunk only one beer, but their alcohol level is significantly higher than the legal limit. The officer may add the falsely reported crime to his or her indictment. An officer can add this charge if they simply don`t believe a story the person told them. The second part of the act makes it a crime to lie to the police in order to disrupt « the proper functioning of a law enforcement agency » or to mislead a peace officer. Therefore, a criminal suspect can be charged with misreporting if they make a false statement when questioned by police. A witness may also be charged with false reports if he makes a statement to the police if it turns out that the witness knew that his testimony was false when he gave it to the police. Theoretically, these three elements must be present for a person to be accused of violating the hoax. In practice, it can be a little grayer. Did the person « know » that they were making a false statement? Did the individual have a specific intention to interfere in the proper conduct of law enforcement agencies? These two elements are areas where a police officer and a civilian could reasonably disagree. Unfortunately, only the opinion of the police officer counts at the time of the indictment.

The accused person must then clarify this in court. 13-2907. Misrepresentation; the costs of emergency measures; classification; DEFINITION 1 « Expenses » means all reasonable costs incurred directly by a public body, for-profit entity or not-for-profit organization that provides an appropriate emergency response to an incident or investigation into the commission of false reports. Expenses include the cost of providing police, fire, rescue and rescue services at the scene of an incident, as well as the salaries of those involved in the incident. Expenditure shall not include charges levied by an ambulance service regulated in accordance with Title 36 of Chapter 21.1 of Article 2. « A false, fraudulent or unfounded report » usually involves a false police report. In Arizona, it is illegal to provide false information to a police officer. Under Arizona law, it is illegal for a person to knowingly make a false, fraudulent, or unfounded report or statement to a law enforcement agency in that state or a political subdivision of that state, or to knowingly misrepresent a fact in order to disrupt the proper functioning of a law enforcement agency or mislead a police officer. A.R.S. Section 13-2907.1(A) deals with a false report to the police.

It reads as follows: There are defenses that a person can present while denying a false statement. The key elements that can be denied in a hoax case are whether the defendant had « intent » and « knowledge » to provide false information to a law enforcement officer. For this reason, it is important that a lawyer focuses on the defense as soon as possible.