Are Half Roll Cages Legal in Qld

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The authorities are not in favour of six-point roll cages in road vehicles for a number of good reasons. Adding the two bars forward increases the risk of a headbutt, especially since no helmet is worn (unlike the competition). A visual obstruction at the A-pillar is another reason as well as a possible alteration of the deformation zone of vehicles and the deployment of the airbag in newer vehicles. I had a screw in the half cage of my old XB. The above information is pretty much accurate. The only other thing is – Must clear some distances for room for maneuver, etc. Some interesting comments regarding the cages, I am looking to get a legal half-cage for a 33 sedan in the near future, can someone give me performance places that they would recommend to build one in Brisky, prefer Northside, certainly do not add racing because they are a bunch of unqualified tails, sorry mods if it goes against the rules, but I want to warn the other members of the sow that I know that there is a place on the south side near Mazfix (on the same street), which specializes in rolling cages, may want to take a trip and take a look at it. They always seem to have old-school cortinas and the like that are equipped. Bolted roll bars for Motorsport Australia competitions are attached to the vehicle with fasteners and can be removed from the vehicle at any time. Many say they are not, but in some cases they are actually legal. They can also make it harder for emergency services to remove you or your passengers in the event of a serious accident. It is also important to note that rollover accidents are not as common and modern vehicles are much more stable and less prone to driving than older ones. Most injuries to occupants in accidents are caused by physical contact with internal structures or accessories.

Therefore, a roll cage can increase – not reduce – the likelihood and severity of injuries. Leda Suspensions make chromoly cages etc to cams specifications for stuff like Targa etc Shane there is a place in Geebung makes roll cages and I think Autobarn in Virginia has a half cage R33 in stock. I`ve never taken a quick look at the cam rules for cages, but from what I`ve been told is that if its ANDRA is approved, it will be about as well the cam specification, if it`s just half a rear cage, why can`t it be a welded cage? I mean, there`s a practical/safety aspect, so a 6-point screw in the cage would be legal? Holfords sells 6-point bolts, but I`ve done some research and most say that only half-cages are legal. Nevertheless, I see cars running with full cages…? I tried to call the guy who makes all my mod coatings and he won`t go on his phone. Once I have an answer as to whether it is legal or not and what requirements must be met, I will definitely proceed with the purchase of Holfords` cage (only $660 on Ebay). Choosing the right roll cage for your vehicle is an important decision. The safety cages you install can save your life if you have the right roll cage and specifications for what you want to do with the vehicle. The PM guys me, me and my roommate build mine is approved andra and approved by the street, as mentioned earlier, you can either screw and weld, also some guys from Andra technology go a little easier on the cars registered on the road depending on who you get and how they feel. Another option is to mount a four-point roll bar with removable front legs that are not present on the road network. This type of roll bar can be certified under the modification codes LK9 and LK10. In the case of drag races, vehicles that are (typically) faster than 11 second quarters of miles will need a six-point cage. The detachable option would be the best in this case.

Following the introduction of the National Code of Practice for the Construction and Modification of Light Vehicles (VSB 14) in 2012, all states banned the assembly of six-point cages as a certifiable amendment. Vehicles certified by state authorities with a six-point cage before VSB 14 would still be legal for road traffic. However, for enthusiasts looking to attach a cage to a newer rally car, there didn`t seem to be an option. CAMS has begun negotiations with state authorities on an exemption, which has now been concluded.