Are E Cigarettes Legal in Hong Kong

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« As of April 30, 2022, no one may import, promote, manufacture, sell or possess for commercial purposes alternative smoking products, including electronic smoking products, heated tobacco products and plant-based cigarettes, » official tobacco control legislation states. tl;drHong Kong is making extraordinary efforts to prevent people from switching from cigarettes to much less risky alternative nicotine products, deliberately accelerating people`s deaths. Several vape shops have already closed due to the ban, according to media reports. Sales before the ban came into effect increased significantly, as users sourced products before they could no longer legally buy them. Hong Kong lawmakers have passed a law banning the sale of e-cigarettes and non-burning tobacco products. This decision makes Hong Kong its 47th anniversary. Territory that prohibits electronic cigarettes. The regulation, passed by the Legislative Council last October, prohibited the importation, advertising, manufacture, sale and possession of products such as heated tobacco products, plant-based cigarettes and other related equipment and accessories for commercial purposes. Hong Kong Customs has seized products worth HK$10 million since the ban on alternative smoking products, including e-cigarettes, came into effect nearly a month ago.

Hong Kong Customs on Friday arrested 11 people for smuggling vaping and heated tobacco products and seized e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products worth HKD 15 million. « The new policy has left users with no choice but to smoke traditional cigarettes, » said Joe Lo Kai-lut, organizer of Heated Tobacco Concern Group HK. « This is a bad thing for public health. I hope that the government will review the policy by looking at regulatory measures in other countries. The action encouraged vape enthusiasts and users of alternative smoking methods to stock up just before the decision. For those who, for some reason, have not been able to stock their favorite supplies, the options are limited, while the legal options are not available. The Hong Kong government has officially banned the sale and manufacture of all alternatives to cigarettes, including vapes, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, tobacco products for heating and plant-based cigarettes. It is the 47th territory in China to ban these products.

The smoking ban on alternatives began in Hong Kong on April 30, 2022. Products such as e-cigarettes, vape juice, plant-based cigarettes and burnless heaters all fall under this ban. Violation of this law results in citizens and travelers facing a hefty fine of up to HK$50,000 and six months in prison. Hong Kong enacted the ban last October after five years of experimentation. Since April 30, it has been illegal to sell, manufacture, import or promote vaping and heated tobacco products. Violations can result in heavy fines and up to six months in prison, although personal use and property do not violate the law. Cigarettes, of course, will remain completely legal, and many vapers and PH users will start smoking again. « Hong Kong Customs is conducting a large-scale operation to combat illegal heat-burning products, e-cigarettes containing nicotine and e-cigarette oil, » Hong Kong`s press releases tweeted earlier this week. Hong Kong residents who vaporize or use heated tobacco products (HTP) will face a grim reality on Saturday. Then, a ban on the sale and import of vapes will come into effect, and the vape market will immediately switch from legal to illegal. The idea of banning alternatives to smoking, but not cigarettes, to help reduce smoking prevalence is abstract at best.

« Approximately 2.63 million [heated tobacco products] allegedly illegal, approximately 190,000 e-cigarettes suspected of containing nicotine and approximately 5,000 milliliters of e-cigarette oil suspected of containing nicotine were seized with an estimated market value of approximately $15 million, » he said in a press release. He said heated, unburned tobacco products are the « improved version » of traditional cigarettes and would result in fewer health risks. He also called on the government to ban traditional cigarettes instead. The ban applies to electronic smoking products, heated tobacco products, plant-based cigarettes and their accessories, according to The Star. On Thursday evening, the Legislative Council passed a bill in third reading amending the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance. The change will ban all alternative smoking products, including e-cigarettes, unburned heat tobacco products and plant-based cigarettes in the city. It also contradicted the myth that unburned heat tobacco products contain a lower nicotine content and are safer than traditional cigarettes. Combustion tobacco products will only attract more smokers instead of helping smokers quit, Quat added. The news of the upcoming law meant that thousands of vaping enthusiasts began stockpiling as much as possible to prevent the effects of the ban. When these reserves run out, vapers will be faced with three options: stop vaping altogether, turn to traditional cigarettes, or break the law by smuggling or buying on an emerging black market. Hong Kong retailers report that sales of vaping products have increased in recent weeks as desperate vapers try to stock up on products.